Edd Gould, or Eddsworld is a flash animator from the United Kingdom. While he does not exclusively upload videos to YouTube, he does have a channel and uploads his films there. These films often feature himself and two friends, Tom Ridgewell and Matt Hargreaves(originally three but Tord left the series) in bizarre adventures. These feature zombies, Santa, mythical creatures and generally anything relevant to the setting (though often something from out of the blue with no relevance will pop up). He is ranked #29th of most subscribed of all time, #3 on Most Subscribed Comedian of all time (behind Alex Day and patcondell) and #20th Most subscribed YouTube partner of all time.


Edd's videos feature extensive humour and surrealism. For example, in one episode Edd and his friends are cloned via DNA left on their seats by an evil director who wants more film views.

Edd started using Flash in late 2002, but did not start making videos like he does now till late 2004. In 2008, the casting suffered a loss. Tord left the crew, leaving Edd, Matt and Tom the main characters of the series. When asked by a fan why Tord had left, Edd responded "dunno, he just didn't wish to be in them any more". Some notable films include: Zombeh Attack trilogy, The Dudette Next Door, Zanta Claws, Tom's Tales of Awesome, Spares, 25 ft under the seat, MovieMakers, and Climate Change

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