Chris McLean
Gender Male
Hometown Newfoundland, Canada
Born 1978
Friends and Family
Friend(s) Chef, Owen
Cousin Jerd McLean
Behind the Scenes
Appearances Total Drama
Voiced by Christian Potenza

Christian McLean, labeled The Host with the Most, is the host of Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour. He hosted every Total Drama Island episode except Are We There Yeti?, and has hosted every single episode of Total Drama Action except for the aftermaths and partially Mutiny on the Soundstage and The Aftermath: IV.


Chris McLean was born in 1978. He is a famous celebrity that everyone on the show knows well. His previous television appearances include hosting a figure skating show (stated by Trent in the first episode), a cooking show that was canceled after the first episode (stated by Sierra in Broadway, Baby!), many movies about talking cats, and a critically acclaimed performance in a badminton movie (mentioned in Million Dollar Babies, and seen in Get a Clue) and Top Dog. Chris is known to be unabashedly sarcastic, egotistical, and a self-admitted sadist. He is apparently rich enough to have a yacht (mentioned by Duncan in The Sand Witch Project). He is known for mistreating the campers, along with Chef Hatchet.

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