Ben 10 TAS

Created By


"O.M.G. "
-Gwen Tennyson

Ben 10 Abridged was created over a year ago by flamealchemist35. The series pilot was released onto youtube on June 17, 2008, and from then on, it has become quiet popular. Flamealchemist35 has been recognized as probably the best youngest abridger/voice actor of his generation. Abridgers such as zeromaster, whipofalchemy, twilightwolf183 etc, have all recognized flamealchemist35's talents as a great young voice actor. Now, Flamealchemist35 is finishing his abridged series with his big finale. So far he has Created a total of 8 abridged episodes, 3 episodes for his abridged movie, and will finish his finale with a 4 part ending, ending his Ben 10 Abridged Series with a total of 15 episodes.